Speed! Speed! Speed!

April 12, 2022


That’s all I’m thinking about right now when it comes to training.

As of late, Mondays and Fridays have been my hard workouts. On Monday, for example, I had to run 100 meter repeats.  The workout only lasts ten minutes, but listen, by the time you get to the 8th rep, your legs are probably starting to give out on you!

Fortunately, those 100s are no more. Unfortunately, those 100 meter repeats have been replaced with sled pulls. We have to run with the sled for 30 meters, rest for 30 seconds, repeat. After the last 30 seconds of rest, we line up for a 40 meter sprint with no sled. That equals one set. You get seven minutes of rest and then another set follows.

Again, after all of that, your legs are dead!

Fridays are pretty tough as well. We work on block starts. I’ve been getting more familiar with exploding from the blocks and pushing down the track. Those beginning block start sessions felt very weird, but I’m starting to feel a lot more comfortable now. Thankfully blocks are on Friday because it really does take a lot out of your body so the weekend is a great time to recover.

I do feel like I’m getting faster and that is the main goal. That speed has been helping tremendously in my long jump sessions on Tuesdays, and I’m really loving that. Sure, focusing on sprinting this year is really fun, but acquiring additional speed is going to help me so much in the event that I’m known for!

Just to close the loop, Wednesdays are still dedicated to active recovery, and both Tuesdays and Thursdays are dedicated to weights. So, Tuesday is the only day that I have a two-a-day.

I’m may enter into my first competition early May so stay tuned! Although we don’t have world championships this year, it’s still going to be a great year, a year that is going to set the table for 2023 when world championships are back on the calendar.

And of course, all of this leads to the biggest stage, the 2024 Paralympic Games!