Sponsors and partnership

Dear Sponsor,

I invite you to be a part of my journey as I pursue my vision for personal and athletic excellence. I’ve learned that anything of significance involves others and with you as an official sponsor, I can continue to strive toward my goal to get the gold in Paris in 2024!

I have represented many global brands with dignity through powerful, mutually beneficial relationships. As a brand ambassador for your organization, I can utilize the power of sport to help you achieve your company’s most important goals and objectives in 2022, and beyond.

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Lex can represent your brand in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Appearances

    Personal or virtual appearances and interviews

  • Media

    Media interviews, photo, video and film shoots

  • Product promotion

    Product promotion

  • Activities

    All other spokesperson activities for company

Lex is grateful to have the support of organizations

  • Panasonic logo

    Lex is part of Team Panasonic, a diverse group of world-class athletes that share Panasonic’s passion for excellence and making the world a better place. Together, their social purpose is to empower the next generation to achieve their dreams through sports, education and healthy living.

  • USA Paralympic team logo

    Lex is a proud member of Team U.S.A. He has medaled in five consecutive Paralympic Games. As he continues to strive for excellence, he is always aware that there is one goal...to win gold for the United States of America.

Read Lex’s latest blog and stay informed about any media appearances and motivational presentations on his schedule. Check out all of Lex’s recent appearances here. Contact us today to be a part of Team Lex!


Classroom champions

Off the field of play, Lex devotes his time to positively enhancing the lives of children nationwide. He serves as an athlete mentor for Classroom Champions, an organization that pairs Olympians, Paralympians, and professional athletes to students of schools in underserved areas within the United States and abroad.

Through this program, Lex educates his students on the importance of skills such as goal setting, diversity, perseverance, teamwork, and healthy living. Lex and several of his students were featured in Fast Company in 2015 outlining the development of a Google Glass app that would give Lex access to more of the world, the same world that his students see with their eyes daily. It is during these early years when positive role models and strong guidance helped shape the trajectory of Lex's life. His mission is to provide that same support for kids today.

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Lex is an ambassador for Aira, a company that is revolutionizing the everyday lifestyles of individuals who are blind or low-vision. Advanced wearable technology with wireless access to a distributed network of trained human professionals unlocks the potential for Aira explorers to efficiently accomplish any task, big or small.

Using either the Aira mobile app, or wearable technology (or both), with just one tap of a button or a voice command, we instantly connect our users with a trained professional agent who can offer immediate assistance with virtually any task anytime, anywhere. Check out this from Al Jazeera profiling Lex’s use of Aira.

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