No Need For Sight When You Have A Vision: What blindness can teach you about risk  and leadership book cover

No Need For Sight When You Have A Vision:What blindness can teach Us about risk and leadership

Lex has shown the world that vision – the kind that provides direction and inspires innovative thinking – unlocks the achiever and the leader within. In “No Need For Sight When You Have A Vision” Lex reveals the steps he’s taken to see beyond reality, face challenges, and surpass expectations, including his own.

From the C-Suite to the classroom, you will learn how to embrace your individual journey, eliminate negative thinking, and strategize for the present and future with goals only you can truly see. The path forward is filled with opportunities for growth.  This book is your chance to develop a new perspective, maximize potential, and turn the impossible into temporary barriers that you can, and will, overcome.

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